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分 享,只 為 滿 足 每 一 位 大 咖

/RUNA源起 RUNA Origin

2014年在成立於小港,有別於一般咖啡店給人悠閒、慢活享受下午茶時光的咖啡店模式,RUNA CAFES走的是一個更新穎的型態。以R.U.N.A四字,並主打為現代上班族設計,主打“滿足大咖”的概念,意即用中杯的價格,即可享用到特大杯的份量,且咖啡因含量介於 200-300毫克間不過量攝取,滿足每位咖啡愛好者,一間外帶外送式的咖啡店 : 嚕娜咖啡就這麼誕生了。


RUNA CAFES is established in Xiaogang in 2014. RUNA CAFES is a new style. What differentiates RUNA CAFES from the traditional coffee shop model is that it gives people a leisure and enjoyment of afternoon tea time. The brand name RUNA was mainly designed for the modern office workers, the main concept, "satisfy the big coffee drinkers", means that with the price of a standard cup, you can enjoy the size of a larger cup. The caffeine content is between 200-300 mg, just enough to satisfy every coffee lovers’ palate. A to-go coffee shop: RUNA CAFES was born.


理念,看似簡單;外帶,看似平凡 這些小小的舉動,蘊藏著我們的使命,只為滿足更多的咖啡愛好者。


Extraordinary in the ordinary  Ideas, seemingly simple; take-away, seemingly ordinary These small moves contain our mission, just to satisfy more coffee lovers.

R : RELAX / 放鬆 - 開啟咖啡生活的早晨



R : RELAX  - Start the morning of coffee life

Every day at 7:00 in the morning, everyone is working hard to kick off the new day. Every morning, RUNA's partners make every cup of coffee full of spirit for these goal-driven people. In the midst of a hectic and constant pressure, you can get a moment of relaxation with a cup of coffee, and bring you more confidence to meet every challenge.

U : UNIQUE / 獨特 - 咖啡豆與比例的堅持



U : UNIQUE  - Coffee beans with a ratio of persistence

Every batch of coffee beans imported abroad by Runa is strictly checked and sent to the factory in the north for processing and roasting. There are several processes to make green beans into a good cup of coffee, and the flavor of the coffee will vary greatly depending on the process. Runa knows that making a unique cup of good coffee, in addition to strict selection of beans and professional formula, will extract the unique flavor of coffee beans and this is the philosophy that Runa always upholds. Let the customer get the highest level of quality and a unique cup of coffee.

N : Neighbors / 鄰居 - 樂於和每位顧客互動



N : Neighbors / Neighbors - willing to interact with each customer

Although it is a take-out cafe type, we cherish the time spent with each guest. Even a small gesture of delivering coffee to your hands conveys the passion of each partner. Choose the cooler bag with high ice-preserving efficiency and retain the most perfect flavor and quality. When you enter the cafe, you can feel the care of Runa cafe for all of its customers, that's why a take-out coffee is not just a take-out coffee, let the ordinary become not simple!

A : Arrived / 外送 - 親手送上的溫暖

嚕娜咖啡貼心的考量了每位客人的工作時間、地點以及便利性,在忙碌緊湊的片刻,隨時想來杯咖啡休息,嚕娜咖啡早已做好準備。只要一通電話,夥伴們馬上現作暖心的咖啡送到每位顧客的手上,讓距離不在成為享受咖啡的障礙 結合通訊軟體LINE快速訂購的服務,為顧客解決了上班時間無法外出或者無法使用電話訂購的麻煩,想為更多愛喝咖啡的朋友們帶來更多享受的便利性。


A : Arrival / Delivery - Warm hand-delivered

Runa Cafes carefully considers the working time, location and convenience of each customer. In a busy and hectic schedule, Runa Cafes is always ready for your coffee break at any time. As soon as a phone call is made, our partners immediately send warm-hearted coffee to each customer, thus, distance is not a hindrance to enjoy coffee. In addition, orders can be placed via LINE, quickly solving the problem of not being able to go out or not having a spare time at work. Thus, Runa Cafes can bring more convenience to those who love coffee.

分享,只為滿足每一位大咖 /

2014年成立以來,始終堅持職人精神及專業水準,深入考量每位上班族工作的時間、地點及便利性,提供外送及手機app通訊軟體快速點餐方式,每月舉辦25日咖啡分享回饋,重視和每位顧客之間的互動,為廣大的客戶帶來更多享受咖啡的多樣性。一路走來始終不變的是咖啡的品質與專業的服務態度,與嚕娜最真實且用心的濃濃的咖啡香,每位前來購買的朋友們,永遠都是嚕娜的大咖。 堅持選用最好的豆子,淬鍊出一杯最好的咖啡 ; 專業職人的咖啡精神,一杯咖啡裡的深刻滿足 暖心親切的服務笑容,為咖啡增添美好的回憶 ; 隨時享受一杯好咖啡,距離不在是障礙 『滿足大咖』 - 嚕娜會持續地,在各地為每位大咖們提供最好的產品與服務。


Sharing, just to satisfy every big coffee drinkers /

Since its establishment in 2014, we have always adhered to the spirit of staff and professional standards, in-depth consideration of the time, place and convenience of each office worker, providing fast delivery and fast ordering via mobile app, sharing feedback every 25th of the month. Pay attention to the interaction of each customer, and bring more enjoyment of coffee to the vast number of customers. Bring together the quality of coffee, professional service attitude, and the most authentic and hearty coffee fragrance of Runa cafes, everyone who comes to buy will surely be a big coffee lover. Stick to the best beans and quench the best cup of coffee; the professional spirit of the coffee, the deep smile in a cup of coffee to satisfy the warm and friendly service, add a good memory to the coffee; enjoy a good cup of coffee at any time, no distance is an obstacle "to satisfy the big coffee drinker" – Runa cafes will continue to provide the best products and services for every big coffee lovers in all places.